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Michael Jason Drew 1982-2006


Michael Jason Drew 


After my husband’s suicide, I had no life experience- not a single callous on my heart to prepare me for the desolation of being a widow. I watched the normal pattern of life disintegrate in one day, and I struggled to find balance while others either embraced or unjustly blamed me.

I worried that Jason would be judged because I had no answers for what happened. Worst of all, I worry about how our son will be affected.

Strangers shied away from the uncomfortable strangeness of the situation, and I found it very difficult to communicate. The whole story is so complex and so full of emotion that it could not be expressed in one conversation.

Although I began this blog eight years after becoming a widow, it starts from the aftermath and proceeds by documenting the many ways in which I grew up. I took it to heart every time someone told me to “keep writing.”

The title, “Widow Repair: Writing My Way Out of the Black Dress,” tells the story of a tragedy and allows me to move on to the present.

I am so grateful to the friends and family who offered encouragement and ideas! This blog is dedicated to those who sympathized, wanting to know the details out of love for me and my husband. Follow me on Google+



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