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Widow’s Dreams

Have You Ever Been Warned in a Dream Widow Reair

Silly Dream or Supernatural Warning?

Shortly after Jason died in 2006, I dreamed about a wedding taking place. I was a bridesmaid, and Jason was the missing best man.

We all knew that Jason had died, and a spot was left open out of respect for his memory. They believed he would be there in spirit, or something along the lines of what they believe in real life.

Thankfully, I could see him and talk to him. I needed him to be there among other familiar faces.

As we proceeded down the crowded aisle, elbows and bodies began shoving for space, and I was intentionally tripped by the person behind me.

True to the bizarre nature of a dream, I was wearing skates, but Jason intervened before the wheels flew out from under me. He was angry that I was being hustled, and we whirled away from the rowdy group.

Lecturing lovingly, he told me not to back down. “Don’t let anyone push you around!” he admonished. His brown eyes were flashing with injustice.

We twirled around the polished wooden dance floor, and I could feel his arms through the sleeves of a black sports jacket. No one else could see him, and I wondered what I looked like skating around in a solo dance.

Have You Ever Been Warned in a Dream Widow Repair


He smiled with reassurance when he left me back in the wedding lineup.

I Was Warned About This…

I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in dreams, so I was surprised when the warning was manifest in real life. It was just a few months later, and “the tripper” managed to cause a rift between me and my son’s babysitter.

I immediately thought of Jason and refused to let the person soil my reputation. I scheduled a time to talk, and my babysitter apologized for being short with me. It turns out that “the tripper” had been caught stealing, and it was easy to see that the person enjoyed causing trouble for personal amusement.

Dreams randomly allude to reality, connecting ideas and experiences with no useful application. Rationally, I know the limitations of a dreamstate, but what if related events actually surface in real life?

My experience with “the tripper” put logic to shame. Was it a premonition of my psyche? If the dream was confined to the product of my mind, how did I warn myself about something I would not suspect when I’m awake?

Oh, and It Gets Worse. I Was Warned About This Too…

Last year, I rolled up to my mailbox and received threatening communication from a local lawyer. I handed the letter to my fiancee with a sigh of disbelief. His response gave me deja vu: don’t let anyone push you around.

Memories of my dream resurfaced. Jason wasn’t just giving me advice about standing up for myself, he was warning me. They will try to push you around, and you need to be prepared. I emailed an attorney the next day.

I do not believe that spirits actually visit us in our dreams, but God knew that an image of Jason would be memorable for me. Whether it was a warning from God or an omen from my subconscious, I am grateful for the inspired strength.

Have you ever been warned in a dream?


Dreaming Like a Rembrandt Not Like a Soap Opera Widow Repair

Typical Dreams of a Widow

May 31, 2007 I dreamed last night that Jason reappeared. Once again I was around a lot of people, and I was asking everyone if he was really there. I wanted confirmation.

When the “guests” at the “party” told me that Jason is here, I smiled and thought, So this isn’t a dream. He really has come back from the dead. I thought that God made an exception for me because He knew how much I miss Jason.

I kept passing him, and he wouldn’t really acknowledge me. That was okay, because I told myself that the next time I saw him, I will tell him that we need to talk. I was sure that would get his full attention. I could tell him how much I love him, and we could get back to our lives.

He had been gone for so long! I would ask what it was like on the other side. He must know, and why wasn’t he talking about it? Surely everyone here would want to know!

Maybe it’s a secret. After all, the Bible doesn’t mention Lazarus talking about the afterlife, and he was there for a few days before returning to earth.

That’s about it. I wasn’t able to talk to Jason, only muse about it. That’s one of the typical dreams of a widow I guess.

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Dreaming like a Rembrandt, Not Like a Soap Opera

June 24, 2007 Most of my dreams are a ridiculous string of events, but last night I got to hug Jason.

I looked up into his gentle expression. His smile reached his eyes, and he was looking at me fondly.

There was a shadowy aura around him- it was like the soft, dim lighting you would see in a Rembrandt painting, and not like the anxious, dramatic lighting surrounding the actors on a soap opera.

We hugged each other close again, and I felt so content when I woke up.

Have you dreamed about lost loved ones?

I don’t believe that spirits are allowed to come to people in their dreams, not in modern times anyway. But “Jason” did give me a big ‘ol warning in one particular a dream. I’ll write about that for next week.